Why move to China?

Why move the family to China?

There are a few different “whys” in this section. Let’s explore each one!

Michelle with VIPKid puppets and the St. Louis Arch in the background

Why China? 

Back in April of 2019, I (Michelle) started teaching with VIPKid, an online ESL company. I have fallen in love with teaching my adorable students. I have learned so much about China and Chinese culture. I never knew so many teach abroad jobs existed. China has many teach abroad opportunities all over the country. From Inner Mongolia and Harbin in the north, to Shenzhen and Hainan in the south, there are many locations to choose from. Chinese culture really values teachers. Most teaching packages have great salaries, provide accommodations, health insurance, flight reimbursement, paid vacation, and bonuses. Once I started digging deeper into the options, I realized how many opportunities there are!

Why move the family to a new country? 

We want to experience a new country and culture together as a family. We have a strong desire to travel and see the world. I have lived in St. Louis my entire life. This city has some wonderful features, but I want to see the world!

To be honest, our family could use a change. We have fallen into some routines that need shaking up. We want to spend more time together as a family and less time commuting and working outside the home.

Here is some more honesty: we are financially struggling here in the USA. We aren't able to buy a home, we have student loan and medical debt. It is hard to make ends meet. The cost of living in most parts of China is low. The salary for an English teacher is good and includes many benefits. Living abroad will give us the opportunity to save and take a breather from the financial burdens we experience here in the USA.

We can't wait to share our experience in China with all of you. Thank you for following our adventure! -Michelle

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