Who is this family?

Who is the family that goes on adventures abroad?

Photo Credit: Brad Bierman Photography

We are a (pretty normal) family of five from the Midwest in the USA. We are putting our belongings in storage and moving our whole family to China! It’s time for an adventure!

I’m Michelle, an online ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher and soon to be in-person English Teacher. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Although I have traveled around the United States, I have never lived anywhere other than the St. Louis area. Before becoming a stay at home mom, I worked as a counselor with children, teens, and young adults. I have always loved helping other people. It’s been my dream to live a relaxed life with my family on a tropical island, so I am doing my best to make that happen!

Nathan and I met in 2010. He was born in a small town in Indiana, and moved to St. Louis when he was a teenager. Nathan has a passion for video games and technology. Nathan currently works as an IT professional for a charity organization. Nathan enjoys spending time with his family and saying weird things to make us all laugh.

Jasen is our 19 year old son. He is funny, smart, and loves to have fun. He enjoys water activities like jet skiing and he enjoys playing sports. He spent much of his young life playing basketball, soccer, football, and competitive baseball.

Marlie is our 5 year old daughter and one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is helpful and has a great imagination. She loves all things sparkly, colorful, and unicorns. Her favorite activities are dancing, playing grocery store, and going on adventures. She loves video games, her favorite game is Roblox. Her dream is to become a YouTuber.

Meera is our 3 year old daughter, and she is strong and fierce. She loves to run and play. Meera also enjoys swimming, playing dolls, and painting. She loves playing with her brother and sister. She loves snuggles and being tickled! 

Our goal for documenting our family adventure is to show other families how we are making our dreams a reality and how we live a life we love. We aren't wealthy or glamorous. We are ordinary people who want to live our best lives as a family. Most things you read in this blog will be written by me (Michelle). I love writing and social media, so I will be the voice behind the words. Thank you for visiting our site!

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