What are we doing?

What exactly is our family doing?

Our family is doing something that a lot of people might think is crazy. We are moving a family of five to China! Nathan is quitting his job, we are putting most of our furniture in storage, packing two suitcases per person, and moving to another continent.

My (Michelle's) goal is to teach English in person at a University while also maintaining a few hours of online teaching time with my young students. I have been an online ESL teacher with VIPKid since April of 2019. I have a few regular students who are just the best. My plan is to keep teaching about 12 classes (six hours) per week.

Nathan is going to homeschool/unschool Marlie and Meera. We have planned on homeschooling and unschooling the girls since they were born, so this fits in perfectly with our travel plans. When wearrive in China Jasen plans to volunteer to help students practice their English speaking skills. He also hopes to help coach youth sports and put his athletic abilities to use. When we have time off we plan to submerge ourselves in Chinese culture, go to the beach to relax, and explore.

Michelle and Dino at a VIPKid Teacher Convention in Las Vegas (2019)

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