How are you doing this?

How is your family doing this?

Ok, sounds fun, but how are you making this happen?!

It started slow. Months ago I was friended on Facebook by a recruiter looking for English teachers. This idea wasn’t even on my radar back then, so I just watched his posts and scrolled by. I thought to myself, “no way can we move the entire family to China, that would be crazy”. But I was intrigued by the pictures of beautiful schools, high salaries, and all of the benefits. I joined a few Facebook groups for teachers looking for work in China. I was amazed at all of the opportunities out there! But was it all a scam? I have never met anyone who has done this.

Then I came across a really great website, Adventures Around Asia. This is a website that has content by an American who has been teaching in China for years. After looking through her website, I joined the free Facebook group. There were so many people who were teaching abroad! I ended up joining a free webinar to learn more about teaching in China. It didn’t take me long to realize that with a little help, I could make this idea a reality. The creator of Adventures Around Asia offers a consulting package, compete with curated job boards, live zoom meetings, and real contract reviews. I bought a consulting package and decided that we were doing this! With research and a lot of planning, we are making this happen.

The biggest piece of our “how” is allowing time. We need time to save money for start up costs. If you are moving as a single person, this won’t take much time. You won’t need a lot to get started and most likely your school will cover a lot of costs. If you are moving a family of five, you will need to make sure you have time to save for passports, visas, and plane tickets. Although many schools offer reimbursement for the teacher’s plane ticket, this is not usually paid upfront, and you still need to save for everyone else’s tickets. We are putting a little bit aside each month and I am teaching extra classes online to help afford this. It will take some time, effort, and sacrifice, but it is all worth it!

I remind ourselves that life changing opportunities don’t come to fruition overnight. Our blog and YouTube Channel will be filled with all of the “hows”. From downsizing and putting things in storage, to creating a reasonable budget, you will find a lot of content on how we are making this happen while we are working through it.

Thanks for following our adventure! -Michelle

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