Work from Anywhere

Are you interested in working from anywhere?

VIPKid is an excellent company that allows employees the freedom to work from home (wherever that may be at the moment). If you love teaching and working with kids, this could be the job for you!

What is VIPKid?

  • VIPKid is an online teaching platform. Native English speakers teach 1:1 English lessons to students in China! 

  • Each class is 25 minutes and teachers are paid per class. I am currently paid $10.50 per class ($21/hr). For reference, I have a Master’s Degree, more than 5 years of teaching experience, and no formal teaching certificate. 

  • Students are usually between the ages of 4-14 (although I do have an amazing 3 year old student). 

  • Teachers can work from home or anywhere! 

  • Teachers do not need to speak Mandarin Chinese

  • Teachers do not need to work overnights (although you can if you want!)

  • It does not cost anything to apply or start working with VIPKid, it is not a MLM (multi level marketing) or sales job.

  • There is no required amount of classes to teach. Teachers can teach 1 class per week or 40 classes per week (or more). You can take time off whenever you would like, just don’t open your schedule when you aren't available.

  • Teachers are independent contractors. There are no taxes taken out. Teacher contracts are renewed every 6 months. 

  • Teachers get paid for NOT teaching! If your student is a “no show” within 24 hours of a scheduled class, you still get paid for your time. Pretty great!

What are the requirements?

  • At least a bachelor's degree in any subject
  • Native English speaker
  • Experience with children (teaching, coaching, homeschooling, volunteer work, etc...)

If you meet these requirements and would like help getting hired with VIPKid, please send me an email. I will send you my free Hiring Guide and provide one on one support. 

Click HERE to apply now to be a VIPKid Teacher!

Teaching young students in China is such a fun and rewarding job. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't love it! -Michelle

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