Thursday, August 6, 2020

Virtual Interview for Job in Hainan

My First Virtual Interview

I have never virtually interviewed for a job before. I was really nervous about this! I had been in contact with the teacher liaison about the English teacher position in Hainan. He asked me to send him my resume and an introduction video. After reviewing those items he asked me if I could do a virtual interview. Of course I agreed! Having a virtual interview was a really interesting experience. 

The interview was done over WeChat, Chinese social media. We agreed on a time and who would be present during the interview. The school director and the teacher liaison were both present. I dressed professionally and went to my home office for the interview. My home office is quiet and is decorated as a teaching space. The lighting is great, and I have my webcam and headset plugged in that I use for teaching. At the interview time I received a video chat call over WeChat.

Let's Start the Interview

At the beginning of the interview we said "Hello" and introduced ourselves. The school director and liaison took turns being on camera and speaking with me. I was asked to describe my teaching experience and education. After that, they began to explain the teaching position and curriculum to me. They took turns explaining what the teaching requirements are, and I was sent photos of some of the curriculum. They told me about the city where the school is located. I will be teaching at a school in Wenchang, which is close to the major city of Haikou. 

The school representatives explained the benefits that are included with this position. Some of the benefits are: health coverage, housing, utility allowance, flight reimbursement, and holiday bonuses. The job pays a base salary and additional income per class taught. There is also a bonus payment for classes over a certain amount per week. I will be paid my base salary while I am off for two months in the summer, so this is wonderful! Each year I am provided with flight reimbursement, which is so helpful since flights from the USA to China are expensive, especially for five people. 

The interview went great! Everyone was so friendly and easy to talk with. After the interview I was offered the position and sent a sample contract. I reviewed the contract and then sent it to my Teach Abroad Squad mentor. The Teach Abroad Squad program not only offers an educational course, but also private mentoring and services like contract review. I can not say enough good things about this program. At some point I will do an entire post about it. 

The Big Pause 

It was while I was in the contract review stage that my husband and I decided to put the travel dream on hold. I notified the school representatives of our decision. They were so gracious and understanding. They told me to let them know if anything changed (which thankfully it did). We remained in contact over WeChat during the following months. This left the door open for me to message them when my husband and I decided we wanted to unpack the traveling dream. 

The virtual interview was a great experience for me. I am happy that I had such a successful interview. If I ever need to interview for another position abroad, I won't be as nervous. I would be happy to answer any questions about what the interview process is like. Please comment below and I will do my best to answer them. I will also include the video I sent as an introduction. I was nervous about sending this, so it would have been helpful for me to have a sample to watch. I was a little stiff and nervous in this video, but it got the job done. 

Thanks for following our adventure! -Michelle

My Introduction Video

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