Thursday, February 20, 2020

Location! Location!

It's all about the location! China is a large country with so many beautiful cities. Narrowing down a location has been a challenge. Our family talked about it, and we all agreed we want to move somewhere warm and tropical. We want to live near the beach because we love the beach! After a lot of research, we decided Hainan would be a wonderful location for us. The island has so many attractions and excellent weather. We are really interested in the city of Sanya. It has beautiful beaches and is a popular tourist area. 

Beautiful Sanya (Photo credit:

Why Hainan, China?

We are looking for a climate that will provide more opportunities for outdoor activities. One of our goals for when we arrive in China is to improve our health. We want our family to be more active and eat healthier foods. Living a life with natural activity is our goal. Walking to local transportation, parks, and even restaurants will be great! Hainan is referred to as the “Hawaii of China” because of its location on the map. Even though the summers may get pretty hot, I will take most of the year being temperate. Maybe we can travel north when I am off work for the summer!

Sanya, Hainan on the map (Photo Credit:

Where we move will depend on the job market. I think I have an idea of the salary I need to make to cover the cost of living. I have also thought a lot about the type of job I want. Teaching jobs are available at training centers, kindergartens, international schools, high schools, universities, and more! At the moment my plan is to look for a job at a university. I love teaching my little students, I'm just not sure I am up for that as a full time job. I might change my mind, but for now teaching older students is what I will look for first.

It will be interesting to see where we end up! Thanks for following our adventure! -Michelle

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