Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Big Questions, Short Post

If you don't really feel like reading through all of the pages about who we are and what we are doing... here is a short summary that will answer some of your questions.

Who? We are a family of five from St. Louis, Missouri, in the Midwest, USA.
What? We are putting our belongings in storage and moving our whole family to China!
When? August 2020
Where? Hopefully a warm city with a beach in China
Why? Adventure, Lifestyle Change, Affordability, Financial Relief
How? Planning, Allowing Time, Saving

This is our first post! I thought it would be important if we documented this process from the beginning as much as possible. Some of these details might change, like when and where. I hope things will stay how I plan them as much as possible, but I have learned to go with the flow! Thanks for following our adventure! -Michelle

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